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Place your $5 used paddleboard ad!


*Even though Mike Eaton has retired and moved to the Big Island, we still want to keep the site up and running, thus we have had to make the tough decision of charging for all ads, including paddleboard ads.

1. Describe your board. List the maker, length (width and thickness optional)

    equipment (rudder, bottle holders, pad, GPS  mount ) custom paint, epoxy?

    carbon? weight and condition. Include a price, contact phone number (s) and

    your name.

2. Take digital pictures. Usually, placing the board on the ground then looking down

    from the roof or upstairs window is a good way to fit a long board in the frame. Try

    to get the board straight (from tip to tip) in the frame. Rotating the board to straight

    with a photo editor slightly blurs the image. Please send the photos in JPG format.

    If you want to send paper photos contact me via email. It's OK to place an ad 

    without a photo.

3. Include your info in a email message and attach the digital photo (s). Send to:

    Rachel Cook at

4. Mail a check or money order (made out to Rachel Cook) directly to the  
    Web Mistress & notify her of the ad and the check and/or money order:
Rachel Cook
4765 Saratoga Avenue
San Diego, CA 92107

5. The ad can run as long as it takes. Just PLEASE let us know when it sells!

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