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   Updated 05/13/2008

Former Eaton Paddleboard Team Riders


Kevin "Tarzan" Eslinger
"Pushed to Paddle" by Don Norcross
 Slideshow from Kevin's 120 mile paddle
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70 mile paddle in 2002 -
By Kevin Eslinger
Voyage on paddle board 'was quite an adventure' - San Diego Union Tribune.  By Terry Rodgers, October 29, 2002

Kanesa Duncan, Ph.D.
Athletic Resumè                Bio on EXCEL's website
"How I Became an Eaton Team Member," by Kanesa Duncan
Super Paddle Woman -
By Gary Kewley, August 26, 2005
Kanesa Duncan: Power Paddler - Makai Ocean Lifestyle Magazine.  November 2005
All On Board to Stay Fit - Honolulu Magazine.  May 18, 2006.
The Paddleboard Champ - Honolulu Magazine.  July 2007
Photos for "The Paddleboard Champ" - Honolulu Magazine Kaimana Beach, Oahu, Hawaii Photos by Mark Arbeit

Susan Chaplin
"Paddler in the West Indies" - a biography
Jay Scheckman
What can be said about Jay?  He likes beer; he loves the Ramones; he has been a Coronado lifeguard for almost 17 years; and he is a paddling machine.  He has been competing and placing in the top 3rd of his division for almost 15 years!

Peter Burton

Tom Coon
Tom Duryea

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