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Updated: 12/12/2015

Mike first day back at the beach and in the water!!!
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Mike & Marianne just elebrated their 32nd wedding anniversary on September 11th. Congratulations! (Click to enlarge the images)

Unfortunately, Mike will be unable to attend this year's Catalina Classic Paddleboard Race awards ceremony this year. He is still working on his recovery, but he just does not have the endurance yet to travel and he is still battling paralysis on his left side. Please keep in your thoughts and prayers as well as drop him a line! His family will be representing him at the awards ceremony, including at least one of his sons.

Just in: They are going to try and skype with Mike at the awards ceremony!

Mike is progressing along and hopes to be able to walk unassisted soon. Also, he hopes to be at this year's awards ceremony for the Catalina Classic Paddleboard Race - which will also be combined with the 50th Anniversary of Bing Surfboards, where he shaped for many years before branching out and starting his own shop.
Official Images from the Mike Eaton Paddle Event

Images by Donald Miralle (c) 2015 of the Mike Eaton Paddle
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Images from the Mike Eaton Paddle Event

Facebook Links (you do not need Facebook to view):
1. Paddle for Mike Eaton, by Rachel Cook (a few from Donald Miralle);
2. Some of the Eaton Paddleboards at the event, by Rachel Cook

*If anyone has more, please send me your link so i can post here!


There will be a paddle and show of support for Mike Eaton on Saturday, June 27th at 8:30 AM - Bahia Point, Mission Beach. Paddle will be Bahia to South tip of OB Pier and back.

Show up, drag that Eaton paddle board out of the rafters, pull that Eaton race rashie out from under the pile, find the Eaton T-shirt at the bottom of the laundry basket (wash it please).

Clarification... You DO NOT need an Eaton paddle board to show up, any board will suffice. However we will only be show casing Eaton's in the photo. This is about showing support for Mike Eaton as a long time paddler, surfer, and shaper. We're gonna have a group photo with everyone, their boards, etc. And then we'll paddle the loop that Mike used to paddle, Bahia to South tip of OB pier.


UPDATE 5/26/2015
From FB and Marianne
Since Mike has been home, Marianne has seen tremendous progress. Mike still needs help out of his hospital bed to wheelchair. Last Friday, the P.T. has him on his stomach for the first time since his stroke. Yeah!


UPDATE 4/14/2015
Mike arrived back home to Hawi, Hawaii yesterday (4/13/2015). His contact info is:

Mike Eaton
P.O. Box 198900
P.M.B. 863
Hawi, HI 96719
UPDATE! UPDATE 3/25/2015
Beth Curry Bohn spoke with Mike Eaton last night at the Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific and he said they worked him hard yesterday setting up the foundations for being able to walk! He's working hard .....

Please mail him your words of encouragement today! Jared Eaton heard he would be there till April 13th.

Mike Eaton
C/o Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific
Room 306
266 North Kuakini
Honolulu, HI. 96817

UPDATE 3/22/2015
"Here's a photo of the view from Mike's new room at the Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific. I took the rainbow as a sign of good things to come! This facility is amazing and the staff are incredible. In the 2 days we were there, Marianne and I saw improvements already. Feeling encouraged! He's determined and focused on recovering as much as possible. Keep those prayers and good thoughts coming." - from FB/Beth Curry Bohen

UPDATE 3/16/2015
Granddaughters cheering up Mike.


UPDATE: 2/6/2015
Mike's feeding tube was removed and he can now eat REAL food. he was alsoallowed to take a REAL shower via a sling. Keep up the energy and prayers for him! - from Gary & Mike's sister, Ann.

UPDATE: 1/31/2015
It's been 2 weeks now since Michael's huge stroke. He was moved to a hospital 3 miles away. It's a skilled nursing place. He'll be continuing with PT, OT and speech therapy. He's begging for an Oreo cookie shake! They say that's good but he has to work with speech therapy before he can eat anything. Prayers please - from Marianne Eaton
eaton recovery Update: 1/27/2015
10 days latter. Michael is getting better every day. The photo was from today and the physical therapist had him sitting up for a good amount of time. He actually held the position by himself for a minute or so. He also got a feeding tube directly into his stomach for more nutrition. That will come out once he relearns to swallow. God is good! - from Marianne Eaton
eatonupdate UPDATE: 1/22/2015
Brother, Mike, showing all of us he is aware and has not lost his humor. Still in ICU for a couple of more days, then a long road ahead of recovery and rehab. Mahalo nui loa to all you wonderful friends. — at North Hawaii Community Hospital.
Mike Eaton suffered a massive stroke on Sunday to the right side of his brain. Please send him all of your prayers, thoughts, positive eneregy and love.

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